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By Dana Leigh Smith

Dentists tell kids every day that eating candy can give them cavities while M.Ds explain to their patients just as often that eating too many sweets can make them sick and fat.

While we’d normally agree with both of these warnings, Loloz–a hard candy start-up company–is changing everything we thought we knew about catching a sugar high. With the help of microbiologists from the Department of Oral Biology at the UCLA School of Dentistry, Loloz identified a licorice root extract that disables the organisms that cause tooth decay. Soon after, they turned the extract into cavity-fighting orange, lemon and berry flavored lollipops and lozenges–because why not?

Loloz claims that consuming just two of their candies a day for 10 days can provide cavity protection for up to six months! While that doesn’t mean you can forgo brushing, flossing and regular checkups, having an additional way to ward off tooth decay can’t hurt—while getting a cavity filled, on the other hand, can. Since it also keeps the mouth occupied, sucking on lollipops and lozenges, like Loloz, can also ward off mindless munching. Sure, Loloz are more pricey than your typical bag of Dum Dums (boxes sell for $29.99), but a 10-calorie candy that can keep cavities at bay and diet-derailing fare out of your mouth is well worth the cash, if you ask us!

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