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Can a Lollipop Fight Cavities?

We received samples.

I can’t answer the question can a lollipop fight cavities. Only your dentist can answer that question but the idea does intrigue me. Also, I like the idea because my kids love to have candy and I LOVE to tell them no because it’s bad for their teeth. Sugar leads to sugar bugs that cause cavities and then we have to brush our teeth and we agrue. So now we brush teeth and then the kids can have a lollipop without having to brush right away. But you’re going to laugh, I won’t let them have one unless they brush first so now we don’t argue as much. It’s a win win if the company who sent me these special Loloz are accurate.

Seattle-based Andrew Clapp and his partner have launched Loloz, a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of dental health. Loloz is a lozenge or lollipop created to taste delicious like candy and help reduce the levels of bacteria known to cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

A research team of microbiologists at the UCLA School of Dentistry took 7 years to develop the product containing Cavibloc, a patent-pending extract from a specific type of licorice root. Loloz is all-nautural, contains no sugar and is free of GMOs, synthetic additives, preservatives and food dyes.

How does it work? Enjoy two Loloz lollipops or lozenges for 10 consecutive days, 2 to 4 times per year alongside regular dental maintenance like brushing and flossing. The result? Save thousands on your next dental visit!